Hi, I'm Abigail Irwin!

Currently, I am a UI/UX & Psychology student at Bradley University. I enjoy improving and creating human-centric experiences. My double major provides me with a depth of knowledge regarding user research, neuroscience, human factors, and interaction design principles.

UI/UX Process

My UI/UX Process


Conduct research to better understand the users.

Interview, Task Analysis, Cognitive Walk-Through, Contextual Inquiry, User Survey.


Use research to observe user needs and problems.

Persona, Empathy Map, User Goals, Business Goals, Golden Thread, Journey Map, User Flow.


Brainstorm solutions.

Competitive Analysis, Wireframes, Sketches, Prioritization, Timeline Development, Agile & Scrum Planning.


Build representations of the best ideas.

Mood Board, High-Fidelity Mockups, Story Board.


Conduct testing with users.

Usability Testing, A/B Tests, Card Sort, System Usability Scale (SUS).

Implement & Iterate

Iterate based on feedback and analysis.

Statistical Analysis, Heuristic Analysis, Repeat Process


Featured Projects

Team Design Project

Augmented Reality Design Challenge

UI designs for NASA’s augmented reality challenge. 

Independent Research Project

VR Usability Study

VR usability research as a part of my independent senior thesis project.

Internship Projects

John Deere Projects

Design and research projects completed during my internship.

Internship Projects

COUNTRY Financial Projects

Design and research projects completed during my internship.

Class Project

Seizure Support

Apple Watch design to assist people who experience frequent seizures, such as those with epilepsy.