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NASA SUITS is a collaborative design challenge offered nationwide that encourages university involvement in STEM research. The challenge involves designing an augmented reality environment on the Microsoft® HoloLens for astronauts to help them on spacewalks.

I am currently the design lead on the team and in previous years, I was a design assistant. Bradley University’s team consists of designers, developers, animators, engineers, and project managers.




 Current: Team Lead (team of 20)

Past: Design Lead 


August 2021 – May 2022

August 2020 – June 2021

The challenge

For our 2022 proposal, the team iterated on our previous build based on past feedback and updates to the challenge. More information to come.

The 2020-2021 challenge focused on implementing navigation and science sampling features for the Artemis Mission. Throughout this project, I led the design team, created user interface designs, user-tested our build, presented our work to NASA experts, and participated in outreach events.


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