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Seizure Support

This project was completed for my Advanced Interaction Design class. Throughout this project, I completed a competitive analysis, user goals research, sketches, an empathy map, a journey map, user flows, iterated on mockups, and conducted preliminary usability testing.



Solo Project


August 2020 – October 2020

The Problem

People who experience frequent seizures are not always around people that can help. Seizure Support is for users who experience frequent seizures, such as people with epilepsy.

The Solution

This wearable application can detect possible convulsive seizures through the use of heart rate monitoring and fall detection. If a seizure is detected, this application alerts a list of emergency contacts. These emergency contacts receive information about where the person is located along with some initial seizure information. The overall goal of this application is to make it easier for people with epilepsy to detect seizures and let others know when they need help. After a seizure has occurred, they can then input their seizure details within the smartphone application to keep track of seizures and send their information to their doctor.

If I had more time, I would also like to create different versions of the application. For example, creating a version that is specific to children with seizure disorders. 



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