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LULA Peoria Website

In this project, my group and I redesigned a website for LULA Peoria to provide deeper clarity about LULA and their services, which helps serve the greater Peoria, Illinois community.

Specifically, I created the “About” and “Need Help” pages along with managing the team through weekly meetings and agile development. I also got the chance to gain more experience with consulting. 



Team Lead (group of 4)

Scrum Master


January 2021 – May 2021

Our Client

The client for this project was LULA Peoria. LULA provides street support and peer advocacy for those currently experiencing housing and/or food insecurity in the Peoria, Illinois area. We were connected with them through our class instructor, who noticed that they needed a re-designed website. 

The Challenge

The previous LULA site was difficult to navigate, which made it frustrating for people to send donations, reach out, and seek help. The old website also did not have sufficient content about LULA, so users had a hard time understanding what LULA does and how they could help based on the website alone. Oftentimes, their Facebook page was the better primary source for information. 

The Solution

As a team, we designed the site to be easily navigated, by including an easily accessible navigation menu on each page. This navigation menu also included a high contrast “Donate” button so that site visitors can easily see how to donate. We also included a form that help-seeking people can fill out. This form allows people to disclose their location and what they need LULA’s help with. After filling out the online form, the LULA team receives the information and then can go out into the community and assist them. 

The site was also designed according to the design guidelines by “StoryBrand”. These guidelines helped us efficiently design the site for the targeted users. For example, “StoryBrand” taught us how to write homepage content in the form of an introduction, addressing what is at stake, a value proposition, how the user can help, and a 3 step plan. 

The End Result

Our team’s solution resulted in a streamlined website and a content client. LULA’s website now has better organization and flow, an easily accessible way to send donations, and a simple way for people in the Peoria community to reach out for assistance.


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